Designing Pages With Scrapbooking Supplies in Sydney

Putting together attractive pages is one of the fun parts of starting a new scrapbook for your photos and other keepsakes. Of course, it’s important to start the process with the mementoes that you want to put in. Once you have those, laying them out and decorating the pages is where you use your creativity and add an extra personal touch to your scrapbook. You can use different types of scrapbooking supplies in Sydney to help do this.

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Before you start decorating, you might not want to put too many of your scrapbook mementoes on each page. Too much crowding won’t leave you as much room to decorate. Using photo corners—not just for pictures, but for any papers—instead of gluing things on directly will give you more flexibility to move things around if you want. Attaching or folding pockets also lets you include CDs and other things that are flat enough to fit, but hard to attach to the page.

You can shape the pages themselves by using different types of trimmers or dies to cut borders and shapes into the page. These are easy to find online, at sites like Hobby Craft and Scrap. Using markers to write captions makes sure you don’t forget things like the names of people in a particular photo, as well as writing in your comments and drawing whatever designs you might want. You can add on beyond the borders of a picture, or draw a sketch of the person who sent you a letter or note that you’re including.

These are just a few ways to get started using scrapbooking supplies in Sydney to make your pages more interesting and your scrapbook more meaningful. Try finding some others!