Chameleon Ink Refill 25ml - Colorless Blender

Chameleon Pens

This is also known as the Colorless Toning Medium and is the same solution that is in your mixing Chamber and your Colorless Blender Pen.
The toning medium is also available to refill the mixing chambers and Colorless Blender pen

What do you get?
1 x Chameleon Ink Injector
1 x 25ml Chameleon Inkwell filled with desired colour or Toning Medium.
Each 25 ML refill bottle is enough to completely fill your pen or mixing chamber 8 -10 times. Each Chameleon refill kit comes with its own Ink Injector that allows for precise, clean marker refilling.

There is no risk of cross contamination and no need to clean your injector every time you want to refill another color - each color has its own Ink Injector!
The Specially designed Chameleon Inkwell bottle reduces the risk of spillage with its unique stable shape and stopper.
Chameleon Refill inks are non-toxic and low odour.
Professional Quality Alcohol-Based Ink
Permanent on Most Surfaces

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