Chameleon Poster Coloring Book - Mandalas Gone Wild

Chameleon Pens


Chameleon Coloring Book - Mandalas Gone Wild

20 amazing posters designed by accomplished tattoo artist and lnstagram personality Dino Tomic.

Features of this book:

  • Printed on high-quality card stock that works with multiple mediums.
  • Blank pages in-between each design protects your artwork and provides an area for you to test your colors.
  • Perforated pages are easily removed for display. 
  • Spiral bound book lays flat for coloring.
  • Printed one side. 
  • Specially designed for alcohol pens. Works great with all other art supplies, even watercolors.
  • Hard back cover - Makes a great work surface.
  • Book is sized 10 x 9 inches.

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